2009 IEEE International Conference on
Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO 2009)
December 19-23, 2009, GuilinGuangxiChina





Registration Information:


Advance Registration (before or on Nov. 10 2009)

Late Registration (After Nov. 10th, 2009)

Regular (IEEE member)



Regular (Non-member)



Student (IEEE member)



Student (Non-member)




   - Every participant in the conference must pay a registration fee for the conference.
   - A student registration must be supported by a valid student ID.
   - A member registration must be supported by a valid IEEE membership number.
   - Registration payment can be made in HK$ with the fees (with the rate of 1RMB=1.15HK$) shown in registration form, which can be downloaded.

Registration Policies

   -  At least one author must pre-register when sending the final paper, and commit to attending the conference and presenting the paper.
   - Each registration can be used for presentation of one paper only.
   - Each paper can be up to six pages in length. The cost of each extra page is RM1000.
   - People without a paper who are interested in attending the conference must register at the same rate as authors shown above, in order to access the conference technical and social programs.

Registration Forms

   - If you wish to register in HK dollars, please download this ROBIO Registration Form in PDF or Word, complete and send it to us by email, airmail, or fax.
   - If you wish to register within China and to make the payment in Renminbi (RMB) by bank-transfer, please download and complete this ROBIO Registration Form in PDF or Word and follow the instructions of bank transfer.


IEEE Robotics and Automation Soceity

National University of Defense Technology

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Guangxi Normal University

City University of Hong Kong