2009 IEEE International Conference on
Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO 2009)
December 19-23, 2009, GuilinGuangxiChina





Authors of an accepted ROBIO paper must submit an IEEE copyright form before the paper can be published in ROBIO 09 Proceedings. ROBIO 2009 has registered to use the new IEEE Electronic Copyright Form (eCF) service. IEEE Electronic Copyright form can be accessed by the following steps:


All ROBIO 2009 papers must be prepared in English. Six pages in the standard IEEE conference format (see instructions below) are allowed for each paper, including figures and tables. A maximum of two additional pages are permitted at an extra charge payable at the time of submitting the final, camera ready version of the paper.

If your paper has been accepted by ROBIO 2009, please read reviewers' comments and the following instructions carefully in the preparation of your paper for final submission to ROBIO 09, before October 25, 2009. Note that, as we indicated in the acceptance letter, if your paper has been accepted for oral presentation, we need from you four files:

If your paper has been accepted for poster presentation, then in addition to the above three items, please

Please visit here to go to the actual final submission page.


Before submission, the PDF file of your final paper should be checked for IEEE Xplore compliance. General information on how to create IEEE Xplore compatible PDFs is available on the information page for using IEEE PDF eXpress.


The following templates must be used in formatting your paper (see here for the layout of the document and useful tips):


For your paper to be included in ICIA proceedings, its PDF file must be IEEE Xplore compliant. You should login to IEEE PDF eXpress using the conference ID, robio09x, to check for this. The confirmation email of your paper's compliance must be submitted in the final submission if your paper is accepted into ROBIO 2009 proceedings.


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